How can glass keep you warmer?

Performance glass and winter…

At this time of year, we are all trying to find the best ways to keep the warmth in our homes. One way is to embrace the element we try to fight the rest of the year. The Sun. Solar heat gain refers to the increase in temperature inside a structure that results from solar radiation. In summer we can limit this by using performance glass to reflect some of this heat. Conversely, in cooler seasons, solar heat gain is actually desirable. And with the use of BRG’s energy efficient glass, we can reduce the amount of heat loss through windows during winter. Because of this, you may not need to rely on heating systems as much to keep the temperature of your space comfortable.

There are two glass technologies that dramatically improve the thermal insulation and energy efficiency of your windows in winter. Low E coated glass products, such as Viridian SmartGlass, are capable of controlling the flow of heat in and out, the Low E coating reflecting heat back to its source (ie internal heater) instead of absorbing it. Perfect for keep the warmth inside your home!

Importantly, Smart glass and its Safety glass equivalent, Comfort Plus, are not just energy efficient, they save you money on heating bills.

Another option is Double glazing – with the use of Smart glass – which can be used in cool temperate conditions which are rare on the coastal areas of northern NSW. However, they are suitable in the cooler months in the north west tablelands regions. These units keep your space warmer in winter thanks to an air gap between two layers of glass which forms a transparent insulating barrier between the interior of your space and the outdoors.

For more information or to see what’s suitable for your situation, don’t hesitate to contact BRG.

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