Durable and stylish hardware options for your aluminium windows and doors.

After choosing your specific aluminium window or door series, it’s time to look at the our operating systems, or Hardware. BRG’s hardware offering is split into three distinct brands, all with their own unique benefits and styles.


The range is available in a variety of finishes to complement your window or door. Most can be specified in 316 marine grade stainless steel, ensuring ANDO™ products have exceptional corrosion resistance. Available across the range of window and door applications, the ANDO™ range offers bold looks, great performance and provides a consistent style throughout your home.


The ICON range offers superior weathering performance and outstanding durability. Developed for use with high our performance window systems, ICON incorporates a square-edge, clean cut look which complements the lines of our Designer series windows and doors.


The MIRO™ range of window and door hardware is a blend of contemporary design and function. It offers a unified look from window to door. The smooth, ergonomic MIRO™ shapes offer good aesthetics as well as a comfortable hand grip. Secure and convenient locking features have been included. 

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